Radiology Licenses

Ready to expand your skills and bring more value to your employers? Dental Assisting and Team Institute offers students radiology license programs to enhance their marketable skills and open more career opportunities.

Why Do You Need a Radiology License?

Dentistry, like any other medical profession, relies heavily on visual data. After all, it would be impossible for a dentist to offer an accurate diagnosis or formulate an effective treatment plan without a complete idea of what is going on in a patient’s oral cavity.

One of the many important roles of a dental assistant is being able to work with radiological equipment and produce the images necessary for dentists to do their job well. A radiology license equips you with this valuable skill you can leverage in future job opportunities.

Why Do You Need a Radiology License?​

Certification Process

Certification Process

In both our 8 week EFDA program as well as our 1 day enrichment classes ( for those already working with a Florida Licensed Dentist) we offer Radiology Certifications.

After completing your chosen course and receiving your certification you will complete at least 3 months of continuous on the job training. During this training period you will be assisting with the positioning and exposure of dental film (or sensors) under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist.

After you have completed your 3 months of on the job training visit the Florida dentistry website by clicking here – and download the application form send them your completed application along with a copy of your radiology certification and the application fee and they will send you back your dental radiographer license.

Keep the Following in Mind When Applying for Your License

Keep the Following in Mind When Applying for Your License​

Ready to Secure Your Radiology License?

Ready to Secure Your Radiology License?

You’re already in the right place! At Dental Assisting and Team Institute, we offer the guidance and personalized attention you need to keep growing in your field. Get in touch today to get started!

What's Included

*FMX ADA Code D0210 (not valid if pregnant or any condition that prohibits xrays, Dental Prophy D1110 in absence of periodontal disease, Upon payment of full tuition, if student is a candidate, he or she will be eligible for Custom Made Nightguard(D9944), and Zoom in Office Whitening(D9972)

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