7 Secrets To Change Your Life In 8 weeks

  1. You don’t need a college degree.
  2. Find a program that will provide you with a great-paying job quickly.
  3. Choose a program that won’t force you to sit through a bunch of boring classes and study endless pages of theory.
  4. Choose a career that’s about helping others and you will love it.
  5. If you find the work you love, it won’t feel like work anymore.
  6. Choose a path that has a lot of opportunities for advancement.
  7. Believe in yourself.


Our 8 weeks Dental Assisting program can get you started in a great-paying job in less than 2 months.

With a 100% pass rate, anyone can do it.

With a 99% job placement rate, virtually everyone can start working in a dental office in less than 2 months.

With low tuition and plenty of financial options, everyone can afford it.

Dental Assisting is a great first step into a high paying Dental Assisting career.

Reserve a spot in our program to completely change your life in 8 weeks .

What's Included

*FMX ADA Code D0210 (not valid if pregnant or any condition that prohibits xrays, Dental Prophy D1110 in absence of periodontal disease, Upon payment of full tuition, if student is a candidate, he or she will be eligible for Custom Made Nightguard(D9944), and Zoom in Office Whitening(D9972)